Feedback from young people mindfulness COURSE, year 7,8 and 9

“I learnt how to focus my thoughts, recognising my emotions and not fighting to change it makes it easier to calm down…I learnt not to be so hard on myself and through practice I can become calmer.”

“I have really enjoyed mindfulness as it has helped me learn to relax and focus when I need to. I can take away some exercises when I need them. It has helped me with anxiety.”

“After my son was diagnosed with anxiety, I was wondering how best to tackle the problem. I wanted to give my son a set of tools he could use again and again in his life, rather than medicate the problem. After one on one sessions with Arabella, I can honestly say he is like a new child - he can sleep and no longer has insomnia, he is relaxed, he can tackle problems, he can recognise when he feels overwhelmed and he can calm himself down. He has not had a single anxiety attack since he began his course - mindfulness with Arabella has been a revelation for him, and we are very grateful.”


feedback from Adult mindfulness course

“I was sent by work to attend this course. I was soon really intrigued by the seemingly simple practices of breathing and meditation. For me this was a very gentle , challenging and at the same time powerful process . 

 It was so nice to have that special space once a week to be helped to calm my busy mind and learn to direct my focus in a positive way. Arabella is obviously very experienced and was very personable and helpful I felt completely comfortable and at ease. I learnt some new things about myself and came away with valuable meditative techniques that are changing my whole outlook on life . 

I have learnt so much and thank you Arabella for your patience and kindness and wisdom.” – L.D.

“I would, and do - (four of my friends have also done it), THOROUGHLY recommend her courses - in fact, I think they should be compulsory! A MASSIVE thank you to Arabella.” – N.D.

“I took an 8 week course with Arabella Thring in 2014 at a very stressful time in my business. The effect of the course was astonishing, within a couple of weeks I had begun to practise daily meditation and I would leave each weekly session feeling calm, inspired and more positive than I had in months. Arabella is a very warm and intuitive teacher and her course blends  meditation with gentle instruction on the mindfulness practise. Each session felt like a much-needed moment of calm in the midst of a hectic week and for me the effects have been long-lasting.” – C.H. 


Feedback from crystal sound baths

“Like lying on a warm sandy beach with the waves gently washing over me… I felt I could let go, relax and feel the calm of Arabella's voice and the Sound Baths powerful hum focus and settle my thoughts to start the week ahead...” -J.M.


Feedback from homeopathy

“My son suffered from Tonsillitis around the ages of 8-10. After many GP appointments and missing lots of school plus far too many antibiotics - we sought the help of a homeopath. Arabella was really caring and understanding of our struggles.   She was always gentle in her approach and she built up a good report with my son and later my daughter. She was incredibly thorough .and after only a few sessions - we were clear of the horrific sore throats etc and they have never returned - I am amazed that my son (now 17) has not had Tonsillitis since.

When my daughter started to suffer at around the same age -  I approached the G.P. unsuccessfully and after many bouts of illness etc we again turned to Arabella. Things took a while but it was Arabella who spotted that it wasn’t just about the actual Tonsilitis but more about her constitution and we soon had my daughter sorted. 

I am incredibly grateful that she managed to help both my children. I cannot recommend her more highly and for anyone who has children who suffer with Tonsillitis - please  go and see her!” - V.D.