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It is an introduction to mindfulness and teaches adolescents how their minds work. It shows them how the mind tends to search for problems and to overthink.  We then look at what we can do about it; how we can take a moment to stop and pause and begin by just noticing our thoughts and what is going on in our heads.


We explore how the mind can make up stories and fill in the gaps without us realising; we have a little information and the mind often creates the rest of the story for us, and we automatically think it is true when it is not always the case. We can however learn to notice this and take a step back; we can change how we relate to our unhelpful thoughts and see things more clearly.


Mindfulness reminds them how to be still, it helps to calm the mind and the body in times of difficulty. Out of this moment of calm there then arises the possibility of responding to challenging situations rather than reacting.


The course provides them with real tools to cope better with stress and anxiety; teaching them to deal more skilfully with the everyday stresses and strains of adolescent life.




 "i have really enjoyed mindfulness as it has helped me learn to relax and focus when i need to. i can take away some exercises when i need them. It  has helped me with anxiety."


The course has helped me feel more relaxed and to feel less stressed. The meditations are very useful.


"It showed me how to destress from a busy week"


"I liked learning more about the brain"

  • The material has lots of visuals, film clips, and activities to bring it to life without losing the integrity of classic mindfulness training


  • Each lesson explores a different mindfulness skill


  • The lessons are about 45 minutes long and the students are given a small amount of mindfulness exercises to do in between the classes.


  • The 10 week course can be taught equally well to individuals, small groups or a classroom of students

  • To cope with everyday stresses of adolescent life such as exams, relationships and sleep problems


  • To help young people experience greater wellbeing, feel happier and calmer


  • To improve their confidence and focus


  • To work with difficult mental states such as anxious thought and low moods

W H A T  I S  I T ?


C O U R S E  C O N T E N T

Adolescent Mindfulness

“Maybe the fear is that

we are less than

we think we are,

when the actuality of it

is that we are much much more.” Jon Kabat-Zinn


C O U R S E  D E T A I L S

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one to one £45 a session

Schools £75 a session



Prices include:

  • a student booklet to accompany the course

  • sound files to listen to

  • support during the course

  • a follow up lesson which is given about a month later








One on one sessions available in London, Shaftesbury and Bath.

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"I learnt how to focus my thoughts , recognising my emotion and not fighting to change it makes it easier to calm down.... not being so hard on myself.. through practice i can become calmer"